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    S. வள்ளி
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Finally, I Realized You!

I have come so far
through this journey of life
full of miseries and sadness
sometimes excitement and happiness
that usually dont last long
I was searching, for the truth
I was crying, for a purpose to live
I was craving, for true love
I was yearning, to make a change!

As I took the hardest turn of my life
You came, and lifted me from my sorrows
I never thought I would be so gifted
to have You come before me and guide me
You showed me what true love really is
You gave me a purpose to go on
You gave me the faith I always needed
You gave me the strength to face everything!

What have I done for you, oh Muruga ?
that You have come so dearly to me
All I did was to remember You
when I was in deep sorrow and trouble
And You, the One with full of Love
showed and showered me your Grace
Now when I think back, I realize
that You have always been there
with me, for me and within me!
Waiting, like a mother for her child
to realize that You are my only Salvation
to understand that You are the only Truth
to know that You are the purpose of my life,
and to believe that You Love Me ALWAYS!!!

I love You Very Much Dear Muruga!

இவரின் கவிதைப் பட்டியல்

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